About SimpyTechAZ

Welcome to SimplyTech, where our mission is to change the way technology is supported.

Technology is vital to the success of every business and happiness in every home. But while there are many different use cases for technology, there has always been a fundamental problem: who is going to manage it?

The average annual salary of a single in-house IT employee is around $82k and traditional outsourced IT services can run upwards of $250 per hour. 

In the home, we are often gifted with new technology (that we often didn't ask for) and are now expected to learn how to both use it and fix it when things go wrong!

Enter SimplyTech. Born in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, our mission is to provide quality, highly available, in-home technical services at an affordable rate. Our services range from a wide variety of technical support and training to consulting and advisory, working on-site at your location or remotely through secure remote access tools. Business or residential, we're your "IT guy" at a fraction of the cost. The other "geeks" simply can't compete!

Have a technical problem or project you'd like to get started? Want to find out more about our services? Contact Us and we'll be happy to promptly respond to your inquiry. Let's start a conversation, get ideas flowing and most importantly, fix your tech!

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to partnering with you!

Jeremy Armstrong